Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Serenity

Our (Thanks)giving tree... by annbumbly
Daughter Remy began our Thanksgiving day tradition of everyone writing what they are thankful for on an autumnal-looking leaf three years ago. This year we carried it a bit further and put the leaves on a tree that cousin Heather created. While all the sentiments were wonderful - some funny, many filled with love of family and friends - the very best one came from Miss Elle, age four. When asked by Rem what she was thankful for, without hesitation, she replied: "Well, dinosaurs and sticks!" That kinda sums everything up in a nutshell!


hope your Thanksgiving was half as wonderful as ours!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Autumn Glory by annbumbly
November 10th was just about the only day this fall when the light made the colors really stand out. The above has only been slightly enhanced. Just one week later, the trees have all lost most of their leaves, and it's gray and dreary out. No sun to reflect on our gray clouds.

I feel winter coming on.

Tonight is bridge night and I'm feelin' lucky! A certain friend of mine thinks she's going to be the big winner. I beg to differ - it's gonna be me! Regardless, we always have so much fun, and that's all that really counts.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Cousin Julie and I are the Grand Hostesses (lots of lesser hosts and hostesses around to help, but only two Grand Hostesses) of 48 this year. We haven't had that many in probably 5 years or so. I'm kinda freaked out over the whole thing because I can't remember how I possibly made enough gravy and mashed potatoes for everyone, (those two dishes are my particular specialty). I think possibly I'm getting old and losing my cooking groove. Hello! O children of mine....possibly it's time for you to take over and put this old gal out to pasture...
Nah...all will come together, as it always always does for us, and it will be wonderful. As always.


I just love Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Serenity

A wonderful memory... by annbumbly
Cayman memories
What wonderful times we had
Treasured forever



For many years we went to Grand Cayman for Christmas, first in rented homes and after my parents bought a vacation home, there. What wonderful memories our kids (and we) have of those years! Pictured above is the very first Christmas our youngest, Brynn Lee, spent on Cayman. It was 1985. In the above photo our children are 7 months, 18 months and 5 years. Their dad 35 and me 30. Damn...what happened to me??  

Friday, November 11, 2011

So Loverly, Showing Gratitude

Respect for those that have served and still serve by annbumbly

I had just left a newly discovered old cemetery I'd photographed for findagrave (I AM the tombstone chronicler after all!) when I stopped at a red light, looked to my left and saw this wonderful church that had American flags all over their grounds that, according to their sign, were honoring both those that have served and are serving our country. I find great tranquility in that.


It's Veteran's Day. 
Kiss a Veteran!
Hey, Daddy, here's a kiss from afar!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Morning Spirits were Dancing

Spoooooooooooky... by annbumbly
Last night the stars and moon were out; 
the sky as clear & bright & beautiful as it's ever been. 
This morning, just a mere 7 hours later, 
a nearly all-enveloping very etheral!
(and very very weird...just sayin'.)


The spirits were surely dancing this morning!
such a good good thing...


is your spirit dancing?
hope so!