Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Serenity

SAM_0080 by annbumbly

Chairs waiting for spring
And the folks who once again
Will fill all those seats.


warmth and goodness.

This one's for you, my most dear mom.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Gourmet Magazines & Aunt Helen

Gourmet magazines from the 50's & 60's by annbumbly
Our Gourmet Group inspiration - Gourmet magazines from the '50's & '60's
Suzanne, the hostess (along with her hubby, Brian) of this 12/1/12 Gourmet gathering was at a tag sale (garage/yard sale to anyone not living in the Northeast) and found a collection of Gourmet magazines from the late '50's and early '60's and she decided that we'd all make recipes from them. (It is amazing how many liquor ads there were in those magazines - at least one per page!) We all made our dishes and had a wonderful night, as is par for our group. 
However, for me, this also brought back many memories of my mom's sis and my godmother, Aunt Helen. From the beginning of Gourmet's existence (she may have missed some of the very first years), Aunt Helen collected each month's magazine and as her collection grew, got binders to keep them all in. When she and my Uncle Sam moved from NYC to Fort Myers, she had a special shelf built in her laundry room just for her (ever-growing collection of) Gourmet magazines. I know she thought someone would want to treasure her Gourmet trove after she was gone, but the mere bulk of the collection scared off all her nieces and nephews. When we held her estate auction in 2000, we finally sold the collection for, I think, $40.00. I am SO glad she didn't see that, and THRILLED for her that the demise of the print Gourmet magazine came after she was gone. That would have killed her! Good memories, just really good memories. (xo godmother).

good memories are just that...good!