Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Serenity for Remembering and Honoring 9/11

Cousins Mike and Mikey
Father and son are at the end of our Blystone street - the very beginning of the annual ~CT United Ride~ - that just happens to have its start right around the corner from us. Gets me ever year - a very emotional half-hour or so watching over 5,000 (give or take) motorcycles - both civilian and police - ride by in honor of the victims of 9/11.

In CT United Ride's words: 

"The CT United Ride is a motorcycle ride honoring those who lost their lives, those who gave their lives, and those who continue to put their lives on the line each day as a result of the tragedies occurring on 9/11. The CT United Ride is sponsored by the CT State Fire Fighters - the UPFFA of CT. This event is the largest 9/11 tribute in the State of Connecticut."

Dad showing his son
About patriotism
Son catches on fast



Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sunday Serenity

Father sitting on Daughter's Memorial Bench

GB taking a moment to commiserate with our much love!
Overlooking the first Frisbee-Golf hole at Cranbury Park, sitting on Rem's bench

My sis is in town for the weekend and wanted to go visit our Miss Remy's bench, so off to her bench (and tree) Care, 
GB and I went. Care and I sat on Remy's bench for a bit and communed with her - both in memory and in the
 here and now - and then went for a walk. Rem's dad decided to stay behind and have his moment with his daughter,
between just the two of them. Of course, a ~gift~ of a cigar was involved. Rem giving her dad a cigar had become
something special before her death, and has become even more so now - long story there for another time.

Love your never know just how much time you have left with them, on this earth!

Thinking about all
We treasured together...and
When we'll hug again