Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Toy Story

(Above photo has absolutely nothing to do with today's post)
A favorite nephew, Connor-man -
Exhausted after a hard day's play at the beach
(photo taken by his mom, summer '09)

Must relate a story a teacher friend emailed me earlier this week. At the school where he teaches there are several classrooms for each grade, and as a rule, all twin units are put in different classrooms if at all possible. The curriculum is the same across all the classes, but having twins in different classrooms lets each shine (or not) without the pressures of sibling rivalry or influence.
Case in point: The 2nd graders keep a written journal of what goes on in their lives. On Mondays they record what occurred over the past weekend. While he was at lunch, he started to tell the other 2nd grade teachers what one of his students had written. He said this little girl wrote about a trip she had taken to the toy store with her dad and twin brother. It caught his eye because she wrote about how she was so sad that her dad hadn't bought her the "little" toy that had caught her eye. He wondered why dad had been so hard on her. With that, another 2nd grade teacher looked up and nearly spit out her lunch. Turns out the twin brother was in her class and she'd just read his journal entry of the same family trip. It was supremely different from his sister's:
"Mom was out of town and dad, sister and I went to the toy store. I was in the shopping cart and my sister really wanted this toy. Dad said no. Sister got really mad and started screaming and running all over the store. It was bad. She was screaming really loudly. And dad was mad and yelling too. And I was in the shopping cart that she was pushing that dad was chasing. He couldn't catch us. So I started yelling too because I was scared. It was bad."

You just can't make this stuff up!

There's always three sides to every story:

My side.
Your side.
And somewhere in the middle, the true side.


expect anything!


  1. A good laugh was had with this story.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is so good illustrating point of view!!

  3. that made me laugh.... thank you !

  4. Isn't that the truth! Always 3 sides!

  5. LOL yeah....their perception is so often their reality

  6. So crazy, becuase my kids (not twins) retell stuff and it wasn't even like they said! But their perception is so different.

  7. What a beautiful thing! No, you can't make this up!

  8. Ah. Very good story. These are the stories we discuss at lunchtime occasionally. We do journals at our school too. And split up twins, oftentimes to the parents' chagrin.

  9. Would love to hear the parents' side. ;)

  10. I love it! I wonder how the dad would tell it??

  11. Has the video been posted to YouTube just yet?


  12. OMG - that is hilarious and indeed you CAN'T make that stuff up. Truth is way funnier than fiction.

    wv: taire The father wanted to taire his hair out when his daughter took off like a bullet with his son in the shopping cart.

  13. Cute! (My side is always the true side!) ;-)


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