Friday, December 17, 2010

Second Street Sunset

Photo: 11/13/2010; around 4:00 pm

I've decided that the sunsets are so spectacular at the end of Second Street in our East Norwalk, I'm going to make a very concerted effort to find myself there, at the end of Second Street, once a week to chronicle said sunset.

I might call myself ~The Tombstone Chronicler~, but there are chronicles other than tombstones I love to document as well!



Sky Watch Friday

do join us!


  1. Because I live with small sky views and can only witness sunsets when I'm away from home, I'll hang out here and enjoy yours! Thanks!

  2. You are quite welcome! Glad to oblige!

  3. A very pretty sunset. Mine are always full of tree limbs and houses.

  4. Aren't there some house there on the market? ;)

  5. Great idea! Try to stand in the same place each time and you'll eventually have a record of the position of the sun as it moves from the Tropic of Capricorn in the winter to the Tropic of Cancer in the summer.

  6. It's ok that you don't chronicle tombstones enough. Maybe we should take a tombstone chronicling trip somewhere and then you'd have plenty of blog fodder. As for your sunsets, I am happy to see plenty of them!

  7. Beautiful! I should start capturing our sunset. Tulsa has LOTS of sky and they're marvelous. I love that every sunset is different. :)

  8. Gorgeous. And peaceful.

    wv: obbilit. I could obbilit up.

  9. I am with Kate .. we need a trip out with cameras to find tombstones and a sunset or three

    FABULOUS photo, Ms Annie!

  10. Sunsets near water are always more beautiful than others...I'm too far down in a hole to catch a sunset. I remember, when in CA, taking gorgeous photos of the sunsets and the ocean. There on old film and aren't even worthy of scanning. :(


  11. You do have a knack for capturing a pretty sunset but I think you should call yourself Tombstone Annie... Just a thought.



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