Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Such a Good Day the 18th is!

It's the 18th of May...
That means my oldest baby is 31!
Happy happy birthday, my dearest Rem-Rem...
(Amazing I had you when I was 10)
You are one of the 3 bestest things in my life.
(Your dad is a close 4th, tho none of you would, nevermind!)

Wednesday also means it's garbage day
And recycling day
Hi ho, hi ho! Off to the curb we go!
(Cleanliness is next to...(a miracle as far as I'm concerned))

And it's almost half-way through the work week day...
That's all kinds of loverly!

Good friend LaLa has walking pneumonia,
and has to go to the Grand Canyon on Saturday, the 21st.
She's the team director/leader for the
Leukemia & Lymphomia Society's
Team in Training Grand Canyon walk
Hope she's well enough to go...but...oh wait...
Sooo...she has nothing to worry about,
But, then, oh, whatEVER
Neither will the rest of us!

Hmmm....what else....

Oh yes, though I'm sure most of you have known about them forever,
I've discovered the band ~Lifehouse~
I'm in ~musician love~ for the first time since...
Sting (and then John Mayer)
And I do love Sting (and then John Mayer)
Best. Musicians. Ever.
(do not disagree with me as I won't be listening)
(And yes, mother of mine, I do love jazz and also heavily like classical music)

Our Farmer's Market is up and running on May 26th
That's also my younger daughter, Brynny's birthday - such a day to celebrate!

Hmmm, what else??
Spent a loverly evening yesterday with good friends playing
a resoundingly disappointing round of bridge
(goodbye pot $$ contribution - next time?? Please??)
And thanks as always to Ms. Jane (aka ~winetipper~)
for the strategy tips, God knows I need them!

Oh, and my brother's iPad has had an ~Incredible Journey~
across the US of A courtesy of Fedex.
Said iPad spent 48 hours parked somewhere in Sacramento.
This was not a predicted nor a desired stop.
(I know hope he'll be sharing said adventures via his blog.)

Lastly spent some time with Ms. Jules
We watched "The Good Wife" - soooo well done!
Then we proceeded to solve all the world's ills...
Matter of fact, the demise of the world on the 21st has been AVERTED!!
Courtesy of the two of us!
Heavy work for one evening.

I must go to
Just exhausted!


always smiling!!


Above is the Heritage Apple Tree in our neighbor's yard.
It must be at least 100 years old.

Photo taken 5/16/11


  1. Happy Birthday to Remy! You are way too busy for me....

  2. What a full post! I'm exhausted just reading it! LOVE the photo!

  3. What a wonderful post, it was like being with you .. love it .. happy birthday Ms Remy ... and I am in love with that photo!!!!!!! Gorgeous .. I gotta catch up with The Good Wife, I love Josh Charles .. love him ... and I hope LaLa gets well ASAP! xo

  4. love the pic... and can you come fix my issues :)
    happy birthday to your baby :)
    and loveeeeeeee and
    slobbers... oh wait that would be from bradley.

  5. Nice post. Love the photo..happy birthday to your baby. Wish here good luck in all her endeavor.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies...and Mom, you and I both know, that tho you can say it officially, I truly am the best thing to happen to you!! ;-)

  7. Happy birthday to Remy.

    Are you doing the community garden this year?

  8. You did have a wonderful day! Love your list of stuff.

    Those apple blossoms are the most beautiful I have ever ever seen! Thanks for sharing.


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