Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hunter-Dog takes his Human Sister for a Walk. It didn't go well...

My loverly niece Lauren took her family dog Hunter to the dog park for a run and a swim (photo in last post). I tagged along just because I'd never seen our Norwalk dog park up close and personal (BTW, it's really wonderful).

Hunter had a lot of fun in the doggy pond until Halo, the VERY bitchy weimaraner, decided Hunter shouldn't be part of her posse!

It clearly was time for Hunter and his humans to leave!

So Lauren put the leash back on Hunter. He immediately grabbed his leash in his mouth, and proceeded to drag Ms. Lauren all the way back to their car. When they finally got to the car, Hunter sat down and waited for Lauren to open the door. When she did, he immediately jumped in...then, once inside, at last, our Hunter was a happy happy doggy! We know this because he looked at both of us and "talked" about it. Hunter is a very verbal dog. 


Not a terribly successful dog park experience...


expect doggys!

P. S. Give my friend, Kate, a visit. She has a very informative post about Lab dogs. 
While Hunter is officially a Chocolate Lab, we're all pretty convinced 
the bottom right photo is what he really is.


  1. What a beautiful dog! When George was a puppy, he used to do this with his leash, and walk all over the place. I had to train him to stay to my right, a long and exhausting experience but so darn worth it. When I walk him on the leash, he doesn't pull. My husband, on the other hand, lets him do what he wants and then complains about it.

  2. He was feeling his Friskies ... dogs that age need a lot of running/playing so they go to sleep .. not that I own a dog but I did once ..


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