Monday, October 17, 2011

What Fun We Had!

What Fun We Had! by annbumbly
Ella, Connor, Auntie Jules
The four of us (Auntie Jules, Connor, Ella* & and moi) went to the New Canaan Nature Center's Fall Festival this past weekend. What fun we had! (BTW, any of you in this area who have younger kids in your life, don't miss this annual event!)
Even I, an old fart, had a glorious time! Needless to say, Miss Ella and Mr. Connor had just the very best of times as well! Auntie Jules (there on the right) kept everything on course...of course, and wasn't ONCE led astray by moi, though I really tried!

*(Don't tell her mom and dad, but Jules and I personally fed Ms. Ella a self-decorated cupcake, cotton candy and two cookies. We weren't very proud of ourselves...but we sure had fun! And, um, we'd do it again. In a minute! :)

love my family!


  1. Oh taking kidlettes to a fair or festival makes it all the more fun and if you can spoil them, its even better .. say hi to Jules for moi

  2. A day at a fair or festival wouldn't be complete without some cupcakes and cotton candy ! What a great way to celebrate this wonderful season !

  3. am thinking blogger needs a love button!


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