Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunday Serenity Surely Sidetracked by Monday Madness

Memories... by annbumbly
This little ornament, which had it's beginnings as a pine cone located on a tall, tall, very much alive pine tree, was originally a party favor for one of our many wonderful bird parties my mom put together for us when my sis and I were kids. (Yes, the above ornament is at least 40 years old....which means I'm old. Pooh!) Our family would find a cedar tree, bring it to our home and then secure it to our deck. We'd ask our friends to save hollowed out orange halves and then bring them on the day of the party. The oranges would have wires attached to them so they could be hung from the trees and then we'd  fill them with a mixture of peanut butter/seeds/suet. We'd also fill pinecones (the above ornament's sibling) with peanut butter, and string wires with popcorns and/or cranberries. The birds then enjoyed their feast the entire winter! Such fun! 

In the present, we had just a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! All of the immediate family are together in one place, (oh, and with our newest addition, Angie) for the first time since Carrie was married to Marty in 2001.  

We're having a perfection time together! 

Who could ask for anything more?

expect extreme joy!


  1. Wishing you were here but so happy you are having such a wonderful time there xoxo

  2. I love when I see love all around. Merry Christmas, my friend ~

  3. Glad you are having fun. Looking forward to some pictures when you return.

  4. I love your ornament and the tradition behind it! Hope you are enjoying Missouri! Wonderful state...after all, I was born there :-)


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