Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Weeping Crab (in more ways than one) :(

Weeping Crab by annbumbly
Weeping Crabapple Tree
"A tribute to a glorious tree that I'm sure is going to be torn down as its house has been torn down and the fence is in disrepair. The tree has been a welcome beauty spot for many many will be missed!"

This lovely tree graced the yard directly across from the school where I work. The houses on the opposite side of the road are all on very small, but very expensive plots of land as they are in Westport and on the Saugatuck river. I went to work one morning about two weeks, and by the time I drove home seven hours later, the house was gone! This wonderful tree remained until the end of last week when, once again, it was there in all its glory when I came to work in the morning, and then, seven hours later was gone. I do believe this Spring was its most glorious bloom ever! It surely went out in a blaze of glory!

Progress will destroy beauty at times...ignore the orange cone, please. That's not at all beautiful!


expect unhappy events at times...


  1. It is sad when nature is replaced with things.

  2. oh that is sad, I can understand tearing down a house (not really) but a blooming tree? Surely these rich people could have saved the tree vs planting something new that is small w/o the beauty of this .. I am really bothered by this .. I know I am insane but ...

  3. So sad to lose something so beautiful! Glad that you got to see its glory one last time. The title seems very appropriate :-)

  4. Oh How sad! I am sure someone will now build an obnoxious mansion in the spot instead with equally perfect sterile landscaping. How sad to see it go! It takes a long time for one to reach that stage!


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