Wednesday, June 06, 2012

We are Duck Herders!

Duck Herding Duties
(click the above link for more duck-herding photos)
I've discovered it's very hard to shoot a video and help herd ducks at the same time!

Mama mallard duck has flown into our school courtyard every spring for the last several years to hatch her babies. Only problem is...the courtyard is completely enclosed. So, a few days after the babies have hatched, our very own duck whisperer teacher (she's pictured above at the very first of the video) gathers a bunch of volunteer duck herders so we can help lead mama and her babies from the courtyard, through the school, across the grounds of the school to the very conveniently located creek by the side of our school.

quack quack!


  1. Oh how this made me smile. What a sweet yard duty to have. They're so adorable.

  2. Oh so sweet and how confused were those babies .. love that Mama managed to zigzag her way to the door ... and that boost to help the babies ... I am replaying this many times because its so wonderful

  3. Oh, you are so good and they are so cute! I hope they all survived!

  4. So cute. I love how the babies are almost fluorescent in color.

  5. I love how they needed some help at the duckling ramp
    you're all wonderful herders
    congrats on POTW

  6. oh my word! what an ordeal! so cute! congrats on your POTW!

  7. Mama Duck obviously has a good memory - will all her babies carry on the tradition, when they grow up, I wonder? LOL.

  8. When I was in high school we had a mama duck that did the same thing each year--laid eggs in a small enclosed courtyard. We had to herd her down the hallway, outside, and across a fairly busy road to get to the lake. It took a crew of people, including some to stop traffic. We did this after school and I helped herd for a couple years. Was actually very smart of the mom. No predators until all the babies were hatched and then a human escort to the lake. ;) This really brought back memories!!


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