Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Old Man

The Old Man as he returns to mother earth

 As those who stop by here know, we spent Christmas in our beloved Columbia, MO. While it was a ~balmy~ 8º both the day we arrived and seven days later on the day we left, the time in-between were days of 40º or so weather. Perfect for hiking in the valley. Daughter Rem and I hiked down to see the turnip patch that had been planted to help over-winter the deers' food supply and, of course, to go see ~The Old Man~, (pictured above (in 2008) in the header). My brother had taken photos of him over Thanksgiving, but I just had to see for myself that the old guy had finally fallen down to the sands of time. Well...he has. A mere skeleton of his former self, he's still beautiful in his own way. Even better, even in winter, you can see evidence of his ~children~ growing all around him. 
For sure, nature renews herself. Out of death rises life. Though that beautiful old sycamore is close to being nothing more than wood dust, generations fueled by his roots will live on and on. 
And the memory of a great tree (and the family hikes we took to go see him) will stay with me forever. 




  1. The photo tells it all. I've always loved your header. Life goes on. So glad you got to spend time over the holidays with your loving family, Ann. Miss you ~ xo

  2. The sycamore is my favorite treel I had one outside my classroom door and it was always a welcoming treat. I love the fragrance during foggy days and moist weather. I check here from time to time and always feel it a treasure to find your postings. TY for sharing with us. I love the turnip story, too.

  3. Beautiful photo. Here's a song to go with the picture:

  4. I am so sorry to see your "old man" down. But you are right, it is all about renewal. I'm glad you can find comfort in that.

  5. Sad to see it die. I'm glad you have some good photos or it as well as good memories.


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