Friday, August 29, 2014

To the Fullest!

The Golf Cart*

*(Mom in her freedom mobile (aka golf cart) accompanied by her ~other son~ Paul, (sipping on his 5:00 cocktail while sending his drone to new heights of photo glory), her grandgirl, Brynnly (who is wondering just where in the hell that drone is going); then there's her faithful Cody-dog, (who is for sure wondering when the golf cart travel-action is ever going to begin), and Paul's Marla (taking memory photos of the events as they unfold).) 

Challenges be damned!
Living life to the fullest?
Our mom does it best!




  1. I should say! I've been enjoying your photos this summer and this seems to capture the ease with which your family approaches life. May that always be the case. <3

  2. I, too, have been enjoying your summer chronicles, Ann. These are the days . . . we will remember. Enjoy! xoxo


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