Thursday, June 16, 2016

my rosa bonica

We've lived in in this home of ours for nigh on 40 hears, and at some point, we planted this beautiful rose bush.
Rosa's my very favorite rose...well...outside of the Rosa Peace.
And, of course, the old heritage roses, which are the only roses that have any
of the wonderful rose essence left to inhale. (sigh)

rosa bonica -
the beauty you've brought to me!
glorious, you are!




  1. Beautiful. I love pink roses. More than red ones.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! I have 2 rose bushes and they are a mix of yellow and white on each bush. I don't know how they do that. My favorite is the white. They aren't doing well due to me pruning them so short. Maybe next year :)

  3. Me too - and rosa bonica smells wonderful!


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