Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Thursday - It Really Is...

This week I'm on Winter break so I have lots of time to get into trouble! I intentionally did NOT go visit my sis or parents or anyone/place else as I wanted to get loads of cr*p either purged out of our home or just taken care of. Must say I've been fairly successful in this endeavor - but MAN, it depresses astounds me how much there is yet to be done! How the hell did we collect all this stuff???
On other fronts, I saw the most bizarre thing today. As anyone who is obsessed with the weather like me knows, New England has been blanketed with snow for most of our winter. It's been mild enough lately, relatively speaking, that under our home eaves there's no snow. As I was coming down the driveway, there had to be at least 30 robins on the snowless ground. I quickly drove in the garage and went upstairs to get my camera which wasn't in my purse, dammit, as I'd forgotten it, dammit! I snuck out the front door, barely put just my camera around the corner, snapped off a pic...and got...nuthin'. Little buggers had flown, one and all, to the area around our mail box. I was not happy. I won't be sharing that particular photo.
On another note, I'm quite pleased with our Olympic ladies! Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso - you two ROCK! Thanks for making us Americans so very proud! Oh, and that snow boarder, too - he was good!
On the next note, wasn't the dog show wonderful?? That Scotty dog was just the best - but I LOVED that doberman - oh what do I know???
Last note on a very sorta nice day - played bridge tonight. Let's just leave it that I was not, repeat, was not in the winner's circle. POOH!


expect anything!

Photo: 8:30am, 2/16/10


  1. I'm sorry to hear you weren't in the bridge winner's circle. Oh, wait a second, that's because I WAS! About time, don't you think? But you were a winner just the same because you allow us to come in and trash your place.. TY!

  2. Not only are the robins out and about but all the birds are singing. Singing! And daffodils are already blooming in Jamestown.

    wv: bidne. It's none of my bidne, but I don't think that towel is going to dry very well on that clothes line.

  3. You are always in the winner's circle... always... and if its not yucky do you want to come in on Sunday?

  4. I totally missed the dog show and I am very upset. I was overjoyed when the beagle won several years ago because I have been a beagle lover for years and years.

    When I worked, our VP raised boxers and had a dog that he breed win best in breed. He was over the moon. Although I am a dog, cat, animal lover, the boxer is my least fav dog. Probably because I was bit in the face, requiring 25 stitches when I was 5 years old. All I was trying to do was kiss the dog. Guess he had other thoughts.

    Way to go US ladies!

    And I love your photo!

    Now I'm headed out for Respite Thursday!

  5. Excuse my verb tense errors...I don't know what I was thinking!

  6. it was good to see the medals last night I agree.

    and yes, robins are working their magic here too

  7. Sounds like you are a busy lady. I'm really into purging "stuff" out of my house. It makes me feel cramped and out of control. Out, Out, I want space, I want to have air around me.

  8. So sorry about the robins! That would have been a great picture.

    I love scotties, I'm glad it won!

  9. The snow here drove the birds away for so long that I didn't think they were coming back. EVER! Much to my cat's delight, they are coming back slowly, but surely:)


  10. dammit!

    Last winter I didn't see robins until late April or something like that. This winter I've seen them all winter. Is it me or the robins?

  11. I likr your picture...and BTW, want to come get rid of a load of stuff here? I am always amazed at how much I can get rid of and us never miss it.

  12. We've got snow again too and it totally bites. Still, the Robins & Dove are all over, looking for food. Fat little buggers surely don't look like they need any more food...

    And yes, the Olympics have really rocked this year!

    I adored the Scotty in the dog show but I know nothing either!

    I've never been a good bridge player either which is odd because I'm good at every other card game.


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