Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday Family Dinner

We gather for Sunday Family Dinner as often as we can - which turns out to be an average of two Sundays a month - with as many of us gathered as possible. It's been a wonderful ongoing tradition that's become implanted in the next generation of kids, and I know will go on into the future when they have their own families and friends. We've fallen into the football season habit of having a buffet dinner with everyone scattered football fanatics at the family room tv, we others in the kitchen at the other non-football tv for the eating part of the meal.
Well! That changed this past Sunday! My GB said he'd like everyone to gather around the table and eat together. I am so very glad he suggested that! We gathered 'round and the meal lasted much longer than usual as we were enjoying not only a most excellent meal (Shrimp Scampi, salad, roasted asparagus, toasted Parmesan ciabetta, homemade brownies) but the pleasure of everyone's company. Yes, we forgot to turn the TV off, but as you can see no one was paying any attention to it!

It's good to remember the reason we gather for
Sunday Family Dinners!

On another note, Little Miss Magic and my son Bly played together almost the entire evening. Bly sat on the step you see there and Miss L would run at him and "knock him over". A-tumbling they would go - with Stella-dog worrying over them the entire time - and then in a minute or so, the entire thing would start again. Bly loves his Miss L and she adores him. Whoda thunk!


Expecting SFD traditions to continue!


  1. How very sweet! Family is so special.

  2. Family is the most important part of life

  3. Modern day Rockwell? Yes, I think so.

    I love Stella and the pictures. Wonderful!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I am always happiest when my family is gathered around the table!

  5. I LOVE that so many were gathered around the table. Looks like a wonderful time.

  6. I wish I'd named my son Bly. That was my grandfather's name and I like it alot.

  7. That's a tradition I would love. We do manage sit-down family dinners but now I see where I need to get cracking. And I had never heard the name Bly before but now it's my new favorite. : )

  8. Those children will never forget it, either. That's such a wonderful tradition and a great way to end the weekend.

    Roasted asparagus at Blog Fest would be wonderful...

  9. You are so lucky. This is wonderful.


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