Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not the Usual Stuff...

I came across the below today while cleaning out my travel backpack. Let me preface what is written by stating to anyone who might not know it already, that I am overweight - and not by just a few pounds - no illusions here. At all.

Summer 2010:

Here I am, ending my vacation in my beautiful home state of Missouri. It's been a wonderful time, and I've enjoyed every minute as always. But for the first time, coming back home in all these many years, I've noticed something I never really have before - though why I haven't is beyond me - I simply cannot believe the number of people I've seen in Missouri and now in O'Hare airport [connecting flight] that are horribly obese.
Right now I'm in a restaurant and am watching two women, a mother and daughter perhaps, based on their visual ages. The older lady is in a motorized wheel chair and on oxygen, the younger lady is mobile - and both are hugely obese. They are being served their lunches of bacon double cheeseburgers with sides of both fries and onion rings. Whether their sodas are diet or regular, I haven't a clue. They both eat every single bite of everything. And then they have dessert.
Shamed to say I had also ordered a cheeseburger - but after that jolt (on top of seeing the lady in the wheelchair giving herself an insulin shot in the middle of her lunch), I ashamedly eat only half my burger and just a few of my fries - not a normal occurrence for me.
Ironically, on the flight from St. Louis [to ORD] I'd read in a magazine that if you begin exercising at age 50+ for 3 vigorous hours a week and get down to a normal weight that in 5 years you can return to the healthful self you were before sabotaging yourself with over-indulgence, and extend your life for a bazillion years. OK, not a bazillion years, but a healthy decade or two.
Good God! We all [read I] need to wake up! When did bad food choices and being couch potatoes become the great comforter to the majority of us?
If I'm honest with myself, I will admit to the errors of my ways. I clomp, most definitely do not gracefully glide. I can't possibly jump down or even step down from a distance without it hurting or me being unsure of myself. Fear of falling? I have that.
I woud love to snow ski again. No way would I even try with the physical shape - or lack thereof - I'm in.

Guess I need to answer this:
Good years lived.
Do I want 62................or 92?


It's time to answer, abb, definitely time!


  1. It's definitely food for thought.. so to speak.

  2. from one thickchick to another... GAH.
    love ya.

  3. So are we doing it? My cleanse starts in 48 hours. GAH

  4. I've observed the same things and then firmly told myself to watch what I eat more....and within days go back to old habits. It is so hard once you get heavy to get back to a healthy weight. I'm fighting bad knees...get a new one next month...and know that taking weight off will make a difference....but how do you exercise when your knees hurt so much you want to scream with every step? easy answers for any of us. I guess we just need someone to lock us up and make us eat right until we lose the extra weight. I wish I had a lot more will power than I do! Thanks for another reminder to TRY HARDER!

  5. Oh my, I'm in that boat too. Working hard I am and it is so difficult to get rid of that stuff that has accumulated in the middle over the years. Good Luck.

  6. It's so much harder to lose when we get older. I need to try harder and stay off this stupid computer more.

    I vote 92 :)


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