Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Obscene Little Chickie...

The Yum

(Made you look, didn't I?)

A while ago, my mom shared a recipe with me that's become my very favorite way to make roasted or any other kind of chicken. It's moist, fast, and more flavorful than any chicken I've had! There are several secrets to this, and all are important to baking the best bird you'll ever eat!
First, try to find a 2* to no more than a 3 pound bird - a task that, at least here in the Northeast, is next to impossible. (*Mother just called and told me to add that any size chicken will do, just adjust everything accordingly. Shoulda said a 2 - 2 1/2 lb. bird is my personal choice!) Second, cut the backbone out and then turn the bird over and flatten the breastbone. Third, and so very important.....

In the making: Base of the Yum an edible baking trivet! Mom's original instructions called for a trivet made of a first layer of 1/3" onion slices that were then covered with same size orange slices. (That was delicious!)
After doing that about 5 times, I decided it was time to change the trivet ingredients. Hmmm....what are two things I like better than just about anything else?? That would be potatoes and lemons. Sooo...I sliced potatoes lengthwise and then covered each with a slice of lemon. WOW! It was just over-the-top delicious!

For those intrepid souls who want to try this, here's the recipe, (and do remember I'm a Throw 'n Go cook, so none of the amounts are exact - just use whatever feels right!):

1 chicken, backbone cut out, fat and grossness removed, and breast bone flattened
potato slices, horizontally sliced 1/4" - 1/3" thick, enough to cover bottom of baking dish
lemon slices, one for each potato slice
olive oil
lemon pepper mix (I used Trader Joe's fresh grated)
plain black pepper
salt to taste

Preheat oven to 425º. In a baking dish to suit the size of your chicken, coat the bottom well with olive oil and then put a single layer of potatoe slices in the dish. Liberally sprinkle the potatoes with thyme, lemon pepper, plain black pepper and salt-to-taste, then place a lemon slice on each potato. Put the chicken on top of your "trivet". Sprinkle chicken with thyme, lemon pepper, black pepper and salt-to-taste.
Place chicken in oven and cook according to chicken-roasting directions. It depends on the size of your bird. Mine was 2 1/4 lbs. and took exactly 1 hour. I don't think I'd cook any bird less than 1 hour - and the potatoes need at least 1 hour to cook.
When done, remove from oven, place all on platter and serve.
We had it with peas.
We would have had a salad as well, but I was too lazy to clean the lettuce.

It was delicious!


it's good food time!


  1. It sounds and looks yummy! The title cracked me up.

  2. I've never done this type of thing to a chicken, as in tear it all apart. I wouldn't have a clue.

    This looks delicious, but I'll leave the cooking part to you LOL

  3. Need to try this but will do it with boneless chicken as my boys "do not like to fight with their food." Leftovers smelled good too!

  4. Oh, man! That looks delish!!! I'll have to try that; thanks for the recipe.

  5. Yep! Made me look;)
    Great's breakfast and I'm thinking chicken....

  6. If you had called me over, I would have made the salad. gah

  7. Lemons and potatoes sounds like a wonderful combination. I love lemons any way at all, and spud can't be beat. You have my mouth watering with this one. Well worth trying! Thanks to you and your mom.

  8. OMG. Sounds divine.

    My favorite way to roast a chicken simply is to get a small chicken, clean out the inside, stuff with a whole lemon, cut in half - and some rosemary sprigs. Roast about an hour to an hour and a half. Your house smells divine.

    Cannot wait to try this, Annie.

  9. Looks delicious, and I could almost smell the chicken cooking.

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