Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Totally Irritational!

That is for HUMAN Consumption!5235 by annbumbly

My parents are gardeners extraordinaire and work long and hard for the produce and flowers that are around their home. This year, for the first time in a while, Dad planted a melon patch. When I arrived on the first of August, the melons were growing beautifully, but not nearly ripe enough to harvest.
Almost 2 weeks later, that not-nearly-ripe-enough stage had changed. Abruptly. Two days ago, the first melon out of their patch went missing. As in, there was not a remnant of that melon to be found! Varmints do not tear off a melon and saunter away with it, they eat the innards on the spot. So where did that melon go?? We'll never know.
This morning, when Dad went to the melon patch, the above ~greeted~ him. It was still attached to the vine, but thoroughly disturbed and almost totally eaten. Some varmint had had a veritable FEAST! 
So, tonight, Dad declared WAR and set a trap... 
He just went and inspected the trap. A baby opossum has been caught. BABY being the key word. As you can tell from the before and after photos, baby 'possum did a fine job of eating the melon in the trap, but we don't think it could have eaten an ENTIRE one. Which leads us to believe baby 'possum's family is waiting in the wings to devour the rest...uh oh.

(Anyone have a melon patch guard dog we could hire??)

(For the pictures, go here.)


  1. Wow, that must be one hungry baby varmint.

  2. LOL...what about that Cody character?

  3. Oh boy ... I bet the gang let the runt take the blame

  4. usually it is the deer that get our mellons...

  5. I'll bet they were all chowing down on the melon & that particular baby was the one to get caught. Bad Baby!

    Your parents are so cute and their gar5den is beautiful!

  6. What an adventure! Great photographs. Hope you catch the ring leaders.

  7. LOL! So cute! I don't like possums, but this is funny.

  8. I hate when that happens. With our garden, it's the groundhogs that get under the fence. Darn varmints.

  9. We have a possum named Pork Chop who runs around Olde Towne eating out of dog dishes that are set out for him...he would have done that as a baby...

    that's a pretty big meal though.


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