Friday, August 12, 2011

Snow on the Mountain. In August??

IMGP5122 by annbumbly
 Snow on the Mountain, 8/10/11: Columbia, MO 
Plant it one year in the garden, and WATCH OUT! 
You'll have it forever! (Just ask my dad.) But what a beauty it is.
It's one of my favorite flowers - so brilliant and such a butterfly magnet!

Snow on the Mountain also reminds me of my most dear departed M-I-L, Mimi. It was also one of her very favorite plants as well, and she had a hedge of it growing along her porch in front of her home. Actually, her S-O-T-M was part of the front porch hedge that was also full of more permanent shrubbery, and which she asked read: begged...long, loud and often my hubs - her son - to trim once a year. Once started, after pulling many a hens' teeth, he did an admirable job, and for quite a few years.

Then there was the year he used his mom's new electric shrub trimmers. 

That, my friends, was the last year he ever trimmed the Snow on the Mountain-laced hedge at her home.

It was also the first and we who love him fervently hope, the last time said hubs actually flew through the air. Back then before certain precautions of the electrical type were mandatory, when you cut through an electric cord, (and especially when the ground and everything else was wet), baaad things tended to happen. Yup, it's possible to fly.( It's not necessarily fun to fly this way, but it is most certainly possible!)

My only regret is that since I didn't know him at the time, I had no chance of witnessing this Entirely-Entertaining-Because-He-Lived-Through-It-Unscathed event first-hand. Pretty sure I would have laughed. Loud and long. (I'm baaaaaad!)

I'm certain that our Mimi would be pleased to know her favorite flower/shrub is still just as beautiful. (Even though her son, to this day, still isn't allowed to be a  S-O-T-M trimmer - or any other kind of ~trimmer~, for that matter!)


expecting - and getting - cooler MO temps!


  1. I would have laughed too .. I am bad too .. but you knew that .. cant wait to see you, I have missed you my dear friend ..

  2. Annie..I love you, dearly. And I could not even concentrate. Missing you. Loving you ALL. Wishing you Godspeed on Monday. xoxo

  3. Yep, I would have laughed too. Beautiful photo.

  4. That's funny! That's exactly the way my husband "trims."

  5. I probably would have laughed too, once I was sure he was okay!! Lovely flower pic!


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