Thursday, November 17, 2011


Autumn Glory by annbumbly
November 10th was just about the only day this fall when the light made the colors really stand out. The above has only been slightly enhanced. Just one week later, the trees have all lost most of their leaves, and it's gray and dreary out. No sun to reflect on our gray clouds.

I feel winter coming on.

Tonight is bridge night and I'm feelin' lucky! A certain friend of mine thinks she's going to be the big winner. I beg to differ - it's gonna be me! Regardless, we always have so much fun, and that's all that really counts.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Cousin Julie and I are the Grand Hostesses (lots of lesser hosts and hostesses around to help, but only two Grand Hostesses) of 48 this year. We haven't had that many in probably 5 years or so. I'm kinda freaked out over the whole thing because I can't remember how I possibly made enough gravy and mashed potatoes for everyone, (those two dishes are my particular specialty). I think possibly I'm getting old and losing my cooking groove. Hello! O children of mine....possibly it's time for you to take over and put this old gal out to pasture...
Nah...all will come together, as it always always does for us, and it will be wonderful. As always.


I just love Thanksgiving!


  1. your fall was sooooooo much prettier than ours! NO FAIR!!! And we will survive thxgiving, I have great faith -- have you ordered plates/flatware yet?!? see you soon, can't wait!! love and miss you much...xoxo

  2. Beautiful picture.

    Don't know if I would or could do Thanksgiving for 48, but it would be fun trying. You'll do fine!

  3. Wow do those colours ever pop. What a lovely scene. Care to make Thanksgiving for 49, perchance? ;)

    Good luck at bridge.. a game I've never learned anything about.

  4. Annie, that is spectacular ... frame it!!!! 48 people .. the most 'we' ever had at 'our' annual Christmas dinner is 28 and that was a tad overwhelming .. however with you and Jules on Grand Hostessing duty I've no doubt it will be perfection! So who did win last nite????????

  5. That is a gorgeous picture! 48 people to cook for??? You would have to lock me away in a looney bin. I always panic for even 10 people (or even 4-5...lets face it I panic if I have to cool for anyone other than Mike and I). This year it will be three....I think I can handle that, with Mike's help :-)

  6. Oh my that photo is just awesome! Such colors we do not have here! What a grand time you will have with all your guests ... who's on clean-up duty???

  7. That is spectacular! How did I miss this post??? And even tho I wasn't the big winner, you have to admit my little slam was a tad exciting for a first hand back;)

  8. Gorgeous photograph. Hope you didn't run out of mashed potatoes! Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. It's much more manageable when you have people bring food and all you have to do is cook the turkey and supply the cranberry sauce (and the other sauce, if you know what I mean). But warming everything up for that many people can be overwhelming~! We served 23 this year at my sister-in-law's and that was a little much. Cannot imagine 48!!!!


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