Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Serenity

A wonderful memory... by annbumbly
Cayman memories
What wonderful times we had
Treasured forever



For many years we went to Grand Cayman for Christmas, first in rented homes and after my parents bought a vacation home, there. What wonderful memories our kids (and we) have of those years! Pictured above is the very first Christmas our youngest, Brynn Lee, spent on Cayman. It was 1985. In the above photo our children are 7 months, 18 months and 5 years. Their dad 35 and me 30. Damn...what happened to me??  


  1. Great photo ... how wonderful to have spent time there, especially when the north winds begin to blow!

  2. George still has the same amount of hair .. how funny is that?

  3. What could be better than to leave cold New England and head for Grand Cayman? I'm sure you have treasured memories.

    Oh, happens to the best of us but I wonder the same thing myself. I had my driver's license renewed and was totally surprised to see the graying senior citizen staring back in my photograph.

  4. That water looks so inviting.. the family so fresh-faced. You look like a child there, yourself. :)

  5. Love! You all haven't changed a bit! Except, maybe, the babies;)

  6. I see you ~ you look like you. This is beautiful!


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