Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And the Great Adventure Begins!

Gorgeous (but invasive) Russian Olive Trees by annbumbly
Russian Olive Trees in their Springtime Bloom - gorgeous...but invasive

Big changes are going on for one of our chillun. And it's wonderful. And it's frightening. All at the same time.
Yesterday our firstborn winged her way to Haiti to teach kindergartners for the next three months. She's so excited, she can barely contain herself. Her dad's so not excited, in the least. Just worried-worried-worried (it's a skill he's perfected to a fine art), and then there's me. I'm both. 
Excited because the school where she'll be teaching is a well thought out endeavor that is well supported internationally by many countries - everything about the school is top-notch. Excited because she'll be living in housing that is part of the school's campus, not in an actual town. Excited because she will be part of a wonderful cause - the education of young Haitian children that would otherwise not be educate and with the goal that when they graduate from the school after their 13th grade year, that these children will be among the generations that are equipped to go on to college and/or deal with and help solve the many problems and troubles that has plagued Haiti for such a long long time. 
Frightened's Haiti. A third world nation where 55% of the people are illiterate. Where far too many of the people are hungry. Where 80% of the population live below the poverty line - and live on $2.00 a day. Where the devastation from the 2010 earthquake remains far from fixed. There the devastation from hurricanes barely get fixed before the next disaster strikes. Where cholera is epidemic. Where there is no reliable mail system, so whatever Rem will need these next few months, she had to take with her yesterday.
With all that said, the organization she will be with is highly thought of and I really do feel quite secure about her being there. We've been bugging her about creating a blog so we can all keep up with her adventures. I let you in on it's link if she does. 

Click on the below link to learn more about where she'll be the next three months:


it's all good!


  1. I do so admire her. Like your husband it also scares me.

    I wish I had her courage and optimism. She is doing good in the world and taking a chance. Good for her.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Scares me but its also so exciting and such a wonderful thing to do!

  3. So very exciting and I know she will be a smashing success and love every minute of it!

  4. What an exciting adventure for her. And for you as a parent, Annie. So looking forward to your updates on her. It will be good for her to make a difference.

  5. God bless your daughter! What a great family. I hope she has a great time. I hope she blogs!

  6. Oh good for her. You must be so proud of her. Please share the link if she starts a blog.

  7. Mom's proud voice is loud and clear! The kids love those exciting trips and we do worry.

    It is so exciting and let us know if she starts blogging!

  8. You must be SO proud of her! What a wonderful thing she is doing.


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