Friday, April 20, 2012


IMG_0024 by annbumbly
pink lily of the valley in a hand-throw vase
From Connecticut
to Missouri. Lily-of-
the-valley. In pink!


Many moons ago when my son was just starting out playing Bambino baseball, he played on a field that had a parking lot located on the other side of a wooded area. We traveled a path through the woods back and forth between our cars and the field. As spring wore on, I watched this patch of foliage grow and start to bud. Imagine my surprise when they finally bloomed and were PINK lily of the valley! I decided then and there I had to get some starter pips for my garden and for my mom and dad's MO garden as well. A visit to The All-Night Nursery was planned accordingly. Long after all the baseball games were over and just as dusk was falling, back I went to the little patch with trowel and cardboard box in hand. I dug up some of the pips for myself and my parents (and was careful to leave more than half of the clump behind) and quickly high-tailed it home! Though last Saturday my CT pinks were just tiny shoots when I left there to come here, as you can see, the Missouri pinks are blooming in all their glory, and about a month before they normally do. (For that matter, everything in Missouri is WAY ahead of schedule; lilacs, daffodils and tree blossoms have long been bloomed out - nuthin' much for me to see this year. That said, the greenery of the already leafed out trees is just gorgeous.) By the way, the above flowers ancestors were ~sent~ from The All-Night Nursery 20 years ago this spring. Good memories...


expect anything!


  1. Now that really IS a good memory. So pretty!

  2. I wish I had a place to plant some of those I'd beg a few pips from you ... and that vase? Coveting it.. yup.. I am.


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