Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Chicken-of-the-Woods - An Edible Treat!

photo taken on 7/31/16 @ 3:49 pm
photo taken on 8/1/16 @ 2:31pm
(covered in mud spots because of the hard rain that fell last night)
photo taken on 8/2/16 @ 3:20pm

photo taken 8/3/16 @ 3:27pm just before harvesting
Mom has been watching a certain oak tree all spring and summer just waiting for the perennial chicken-of-the-woods to reappear. Yesterday it finally did! On our way back from Claysville Store, she looked over and saw her c-o-t-w's for the first time! (It hadn't been there when we left at noontime.) After we were dropped at home, mom and I immediately got in the car so we could go take a photo of it and try to estimate when it would be time to harvest it to eat. That first photo is of the mushroom yesterday. It rained all night and most of today so it wasn't until just about 24 hours after the first photo was taken that we were able to go check on the c-o-t-w's and see if anything had changed. MAN! Talk about growth spurt! Look how much that baby has grown in just a days time! (If you look at the little green plants on the left, you can see they're exactly the same in both photos.) If that were a human baby, I'd say it had gone from an infant to a 10 year old in one day! At this rate, it'll be ready to harvest in the next couple of days! Can't wait to see how big it is tomorrow!
We harvested it today, the 3rd of August. Had a bit of it tonight just to try it, and will have more tomorrow - will let you in on the secrets of Chicken-of-the-Woods preparations!


Soon on our dinner table
Deliciousness waits!



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