Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Serenity

eggs of a speckle
cardinal eggs...hopefully uninterrupted

My parents have wonderful folks that help them with the heavy labor in their garden because, well, at 90 and 93, it's just not physically possible for them to do everything anymore. (Hell, I'm 61 and couldn't begin to do all that, tho they both seemed to be able to do ALL THAT at my age...) Yesterday, their helper had been clearing off the non-producing bean trellis when she stopped, came in the house and asked what she should do about the suddenly discovered bird's nest, complete with eggs, that was nestled in the trellis. Mom quickly told her to cease and desist, which pleased the gal very much, as she said: "O goody! I'll have to find some pulled foliage to protect the nest from the sun! So...nature wins out over a neat garden. A mighty good choice! (We eventually found dad and he heartily agreed that the nest should stay.) 

Just hope mama redbird won't abandoned it!

Clearing out debris
Sometimes leads to a surprise
Hey mama, come back!




  1. Glad she spotted it before tearing it down! I never manage to see inside nests. They are always too high up for me. I didn't know your parents were that "young". You are blessed they are still with you :)

    1. They are - and we're so thankful!


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