Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Present EVER!

Photo courtesy of Roger's mom's iPhone via iPhoto via Flickr...thus the fuzziness.

For his birthday today, my Nature Boy nephew/godson, Dodgie (or Roger) had the good fortune - well, at least to him - to catch a snake at his other godmother's (yes, he has two godmothers and nary a godfather) NJ home! He told his mom that along with the toad and frogs he caught at my house in CT, his snake was the best birthday present ever!

Happy Birthday to the best boy ever!
So glad I got to spend part of it with you!
So glad I missed the snake part...tho I woulda touched it...really!
O, and in case you forgot, your Auntie Nanas adores you, Dodgie!


birthday wishes comin' your way all day, Dodgie!


  1. happy birthday to the nature boy!
    take care of that snake!

  2. better him than me! LOL

    hope his birthdays are always this wonderful.

  3. Happy Birthday to the snake whisperer. He's a pretty brave guy.

    wv: undest. Undestand, I like snakes, but I don't want to pick them up.

  4. Oh, no...I don't like ANY form and I have seen many. Happiest of birthdays to your special boy!

  5. Happy Birthday to him! What is it with boys and snakes? Ew!

  6. Happy birthday to Dodgie. Such a handsome young man.

  7. Happy Birthday to a terrific kid ...

    WV inkism .. I guess this is a pixelism and not an inksim

  8. Happy Birthday to the snake dude!

  9. be the age where a snake seems like a wonderful present! Now I prefer butterflies or birds :-) You are blessed with a handsome and fearless godson.


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