Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Raining! Happy Dance!

We had the most wonderful spring this year in Connecticut (quite unusual). Not too cold, not too hot and the rains came only but always when needed.

And then they didn't.

Today we've had close to an inch of that heavenly watery stuff fall and all the plants, from trees to grass to veggie gardens are all heaving a giant sigh of relief! Wonderful once again! Hope it lasts.


rain, beautiful rain!


  1. That's a mighty nice picture there, Missy.

    So glad for your rain! Raining too here right now.

  2. Gorgeous photo! I love it! Glad you're getting the rain you need -- here in Washington, we don't need any more for a while and I'm delighted with the gorgeous blue skies and sunshine! Have a glorious week, my friend!


  3. I am glad for the rain on the flowers, garden and lawn. Humid air and my hair....not so much.

  4. Hey lady did you get a new lens or camera? These close ups are superb ...

  5. We had a horribly dry spell here too. So glad to meet you this weekend!

  6. It was dry the entire month of June here - now we're starting to get some rains!

  7. That's an absolutely beautiful photo! BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Happy dance, indeed! We are about 6" shy on rain for the year, too and have had a bit lately that was much needed. Love the photo!

  9. We've finally gotton some rain here also just in time for me to move away. Looks like I will be moving back to NE soon. Then I will see more rain in one month than I have in 3 years in AZ!


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