Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fuschia Finds a Friend

I do believe we have at least 3 and possibly 4 wren families raising their young around the perimeter of our home this year. This is odd because wrens are usually quite territorial - to the point that they will go into rival nests and poke holes in those eggs - but we seem to have peace in the neighborhood...so far.
I'd been seeing activity in the fuschia hanging basket for a few days, but really didn't think anything about it. Startled I was this morning when I took it down to water it. Mama Wren came hurtling out of her nest and then sat on a tree branch fussing at me LOUDLY! I kept the basket down just long enough to snap this less that good photo, and then quickly put it back as I knew Mama Wren was going to start dive-bombing me at any moment! I've had past experience with that. Just sayin'.

(Can't wait for the babies to hatch!)

Wrens! Warrior Birds!

expecting baby wrens in just a few weeks!


  1. Wow, they really ARE warrior birds. I've been startled like that before!

    (you gettin' excited yet?)

  2. I hope they arrive before or after BlogFest .. dont want you to miss it

  3. Great! I do love wrens. Hope all of them are successful.

  4. You can still water it...right? Just around the nest?

  5. We have a robin who made a nest in our garage so now we can't shut the garge door since she needs to get in and out. She divebombs us when we get out of the car so I have been parking out in the driveway since I am scared of her. Their beaks look sharp! Can't wait for her babies to be born. Hope you get photos of the baby wrens ~ wear protective clothing!

  6. Love the shot!

    re: pasta salad, almost put cashews into it but felt I might go off the deep end if I did. It would be TOO good!

    Can't wait to see you!

  7. I've had some wrens trying to build a nest in my asparagus fern on the front porch. I've dug out their trash several times and had to replace soil. I think they finally gave up, LOL.

    I love, love, love the picture of the eggs!

  8. Hooray! We seem to have a lot of wrens this year too. What is up with that?

  9. Two words for you: Web Cam


  10. We had little juncos this year. They were fun to watch! Then one day...poof! Flew the coop!

  11. We are flying into Dulles. I will program your number into my phone... if I can find it. You number that is. I know where my phone is!

  12. Oh Lordie, web cam, BHE is on to something.

    The photo, however, is exquisite. Just so you know.

    wv: terphic. Aside from being exquisite, TSA's photo of a wren's nest in her hanging basket was downright terphic.

  13. I have a friend named Wren who would love that desciption! She IS a warrior bird! Can't wait to see the babies. So glad to know they have a safe home at your house!

  14. Lucky you - I've had wrens in my nestboxes at times, but never a nest in plain view that I could observe.

    Think "fighting wrens" will catch on as a team nickname? :)


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