Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Around 4:00 PM Today...

This is the sign I'll be passing by on I-70...
I love this sign
I don't know why
It just ~speaks~ to me...
(Don't even ask.)

Around 5:30 PM today,
This is what I'll be seeing
Can't think of anything better...

Being greeted by Cody-dog,
With gin & soda in hand...
(Me, not Cody)
Yup, that's just over the top!


expect MO good times!


  1. I bet my butts are better.....

  2. I wouldn't doubt that for a minute! I know from experience!
    On the 10th, you're missing GB by hours - dammit!

  3. All will be right in your world.

  4. i just abotu turned around and took that pic last year... but time was a factor and i was tired of driving... but i laughed andlaughed... Have a safe fun time!

  5. A drink-mixing dog? I must see this. Oh, Annie. Have a wonderful, family-love-filled time, my friend!
    WV is limbo. Perfect!

  6. Safe and happy trails, my Annie! And give your parents my love....

  7. You're on your way back to MISSOURAH! YaY!
    Hot tasty butts? Oh my! LoL!!!

  8. Have a great trip...funny thing about pork butts...they are really shoulders. Enjoy!!

  9. Nothing says vacation like a hot tasty butt.

    wv: hortwi. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hortwi.

  10. I think you need to upload the picture of that sign to that 'Fail' blog -- it'll probably go viral, and quick!

    Have a great time in the home territory, but don't forget to return ;^)


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