Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Serenity

Roger Under Grand Old Tree, originally uploaded by bbum.

My Dodgie under my favorite Missourah tree.
Nephew is quickly becoming bigger.
Grand Old Tree is quickly becoming smaller.

That old Circle of Life




  1. Ah yes, the circle. Great photo, and I like his nickname!

  2. Love that tree. And Dodgie is a cutie.

  3. That tree is absolutely amazing - imagine if it could talk.

    Dodgie is very brave. Although I would love to be floating atop that water, I'd be freaking out if my feet were so far underneath hitting who knows what sort of creepy crawly creatures. Clearly I have issues.

    wv: geigree. I'd be afraid I'd contract geigree if some creepy crawly bit me but that's probably not the case.

    Thankfully, he doesn't.

  4. Oh, and that "thankfully he doesn't" should have been erased. Or rather, it should be connected with the issues portion, as in he doesn't have issues.

    It's time for bed now. Good night.

  5. I have issues too and they involve water I can't see to where the bottom lies. I'm a freak.

    Sort of like this freaky tree. This dear, grand, old, warped, freaky tree. I love it.

  6. He is adorable ... you have the best nephews (counting Conman even tho he is a cuz) ... and I too have issues .. I do not swim in water where I cant see the bottom ...

    WV: Viogra ... the discount form of Viagra

  7. Great shot! that the same tree as in your header?

  8. Thank goodness the tree is still there! It is a landmark thanks to your lovely blog!

  9. No way on Earth I'd be there in that water... I know what kind of critters & slithery dudes hide up under places like that! He's incredibly brave


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