Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Small Blip on Life's Journey

This quote is on a plaque in the rose garden of TIRR hospital in Houston:

"...The realization of potential usefulness remaining to any man appears to be entirely apart from muscular weakness...It is an adjustment that repeatedly demonstrates to all of us that success in living is not success in bodily movement.. Creativity, responsiveness, fraternity, responsibility, and equality are not measured by muscle strength...It is as if the man within the shell of mortal clay unleashes himself from the bonds of muscular might
and uses the tiniest strengths for the greatest purposes."

William A. Spencer, M.D.
Founder and First President of TIRR
Feb. 1958


Our good friends' son, (and a close friend of our son, Bly) traveled to Cancun for a vacation with a bunch of his buddies in early July. The first day they all arrived, this young man, with the entire world at his feet, and all his friends went to the beach to play in the surf. Something most of us have done at one time or another. Within 45 minutes, he had dived into the surf and hit his head on a rock. Thank God one of his friends was an EMT. He was rushed to Houston, one of the best spinal cord injury treatment cities and has been there ever since. Thankfully, he could not possibly have a better support system. His parents, along with his girlfriend are just amazing in their attitude and support of and devotion to him. He also has legions of friends who are standing by his side as well.

It's the small victories that get him through the days now.

As his mom wrote yesterday: "....4 p.m. came all too fast when {his girlfriend} had to leave once again and the reality of being "stuck" in Houston was difficult. We had a talk about how he and all of us take even the smallest of things for granted, like even being able to scratch your nose! He waited for {his girlfriend's} phone call to hear that she got home safe and sound before turning in for the night. All in all it was a good weekend after much advancement since arriving here late Monday. He would rather be back home with everyone but knows that TIRR will give him the best there is to offer. Once again a small blip on his life's journey."

I can't stop thinking how in the blink of an eye an entire life can change irrevocably.


The above quote was originally posted on CaringBridge at the request of his father. I am honored to repost it here.


  1. What a heart wrenching story. I will be thinking of that family!

  2. Heartbreaking. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the young man and his family.

  3. Here's wishing him the best on his journey!

  4. Thinking of them...and, unfortunately, too many of us are aware of that blink of an eye thing....

  5. Very strange....I know that I commented yesterday on your post.
    Anywho...too often we hear a tragic story like this. Let's pray for the very best outcome.

  6. I will be praying for this young man and his family. I was honored to know Skip Wilkins from Virginia. He was a football standout and during a watersking accident, he hit his head and was rendered a parapelegic. Nothing stopped him though..he went on to be come a international athelete and worked the inspirational circuit. Blips...they make us better then we were before whether we know it or not.

  7. Oh, my Lord. I hope he recovers completely and is soon home with his family. So upsetting.

  8. We know all to well at our house how quickly your life can change.
    I'll keep this family in my prayers Annie.

  9. Oh, my....how sad. I pray that all will go well for them.


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