Monday, March 07, 2011

Man! What a Difference!

Photo taken 3/7/2011

Remember the field of crocus from 3/3/10 I posted a few days ago on the 3rd? (No? Well, go look already!) I was lamenting the fact that though the crocus were up on the 3rd of last year, this year, not so much. Well! All it takes is one sunny, semi-warm day to rectify that! As I drove home from work yesterday, I looked at the field, and the crocus were finally up! Though they aren't nearly as far along as usual, with a little searching I was able to find that beauty you see above. It is one of the only purple blooms this year - most of the crocus are more white than purple and the only ones that are really beginning to bloom are growing right along the sun-warmed rock wall.


Come on color!

Photo taken 3/7/10

Since this year's crocus aren't much to look at,
I thought I'd leave you with these last two photos.
Such beauty there was exactly a year ago yesterday!


Her love for crocus
Surely was bordering on
The ridiculous


spring! just around the corner!


  1. Beautiful... the one now, and all the ones from last year. What a lovely vista that must be when they are all in bloom.

  2. rediculously fabulous photos!

  3. Oh, I love crocuses! I cannot believe you have them already! I wrote a poem about them also but do not have a photo to go with it! It will post on my Kathie's Poet Tree blog on March 20th. I cannot believe you have so many! Just gorgeous! I have crocus envy! Love your Haiku!


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