Friday, March 04, 2011

Painted Sky

One of the great pleasures in life is looking up in NYC. There's always a wonderful and different view to see. This Red Riding Hood movie poster - or possibly it's painted bricks - is absolutely ginormous! For some reason, I was taken by it's stunningly wonderful/beautiful image. Of course, it would have been a better shot if I'd had my camera out and at the ready with the cab window already rolled down, but, alas I didn't (sigh).

Actually for a SWF photo, it's just fine!


I love NYC!


SkyWatch Friday
do join us!


P. S. The hubs and I were given a gift of tickets to see ~Million Dollar Quartet~ last Saturday (the matinee, and it was just WONDERFUL - take yourself to see it, you'll love it - thank you so very much, Mikey & Heather!) so were in ~The City.~ Big day for us. Very big day!


  1. Totally cool. Maybe I'll see that building this weekend. But I'll surely see you!

  2. Neat shot, TSA. That is some big poster (or whatever)!

  3. What a great sky pic!

    How I'd love to visit NYC. I've learned a lot about it since starting to blog.

  4. what a great blue sky & I've been seeing the previews to that movie on tv... trying to decide if I should see it or not... =)

  5. Huge "poster" and beautiful sky.


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