Thursday, March 03, 2011

On 3/3/10...

Photo taken 3/3/10 @ 3:20pm

...the crocus* were up and blooming.
Today on 3/3/11?
Not so much.


expecting crocus blossoms ANY DAY NOW!

*File under Did you Know?: The plural of crocus is one of three words, all correct: crocus, crocuses and croci. Whoda thunk?!?!


  1. We still need to get the rest of this snow to melt first.. then we'll talk flowers.

  2. You'd think with all that fluffy (or at times icy) insulation, the early spring bloomers would be up by now. Soon, I hope.

  3. Croci? You learn something new every day.

    We're starting to see some daffodils here, slowly but surely.

    Have a great time this weekend!

  4. No signs of green here yet. *sigh* I am very impatient this year!

  5. I have only seen one sign of spring.. a forsythia bush that bloomed and then got snowed on .. silly bush actually believed that the 60 degrees we had one day a week or two ago was spring .. HA!

  6. Our trees are budding and the daffodils are just beginning to open. But it's grey and chilly. Brr!

  7. Well, I've learned my lesson for the week. And I do hope they come in soon for you.

  8. Is this where Crocs came from? LOL

    Spring is right around the bend :)


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