Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daffodils! Raccoons! Grapefruit!

When Spring seems to be forever in the wings
The daffodils act like they'll never bloom
And then, suddenly, they do!

"You lookin' at me??"
Racoon on the down spout
Just thrilled to
Have her photo taken

When citrus is shipped on December 16, 2010
And delivered April 5, 2o11
The quality of the fruit
Decidedly suffers


And how is your week going?


expecting asparagus and morels!
and soon!


  1. LOL...thanks for my smile for today. Your title certainly caught my eye. Love the raccoon on the downspout. Yuck on the grapefruit....it took that long to get it??

  2. You win on the post title! Wasn't sure how you were going to tie that all in...ick on the fruit!!

  3. I think citrus is no longer in my diet...the vision is too hard to get out of my mind.

  4. Where was that poor terrified raccoon, maybe he/she would like the fruit .. to the victor go the spoils, do you know anyone named Victor?

  5. I feel sorry for that raccoon. I just do.

  6. Hilarious.

    Especially that raccoon. Where was Stella? Surely she would not put up with such nonsense hanging around her downspout.

    wv: stelyad. What would happen to that raccoon if your dog got ahold of her. Racoon would be stelyad.

  7. Great capture of the raccoon! I had one on the deck, but it scared the crap out of me and I didn't get the camera.

    The lemons? Not so good.

  8. Eurghhhhh! Aren't you thankful you just didn't reach in blindly and grab one of those? Your hand might have gone right through into the stinking mess. (something like how my week has gone).

  9. I bought fresh grapefruit last night and made my favorite drink: Grapefruit juice & Yukon Jack.

    Miss you.


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