Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missourahhh Mosaic

Having troubles with this mosaic thingy. To see better images, click once, and then once again, on the photos and they'll be clear, and, I hope, pleasing for you to look at. Sorry 'bout this! My first attempt and it didn't go like I wanted it to. :(


expect good MO things
(even tho a bit blurry)

BIG thanks to both Kate & Mary whose tutorials taught me about this mosaic photo thingy!


  1. drooling in a massive way over those morels...i so miss shroom hunting and eating LOL... have a few for me please!

  2. Wonderful pix, as usual! I think the mosaic looks great.
    Hope you are getting some bridge in!

  3. gorgeous pics! I love taking photos of flowers and plants and things.

  4. Next time go to and use their collage thing .. much easier

  5. Lovely! See, it is spring here. Kind of.

  6. Wow. The clicking thing works! What are those things in the center?


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