Thursday, April 21, 2011


This old car has obviously been a part of the landscape around my parents home for many years longer than they've lived here. So tell me why I've never been aware enough of it to take even one photo of it over the 25+ years they've lived here?? Observant, aren't I?

Just beyond this ~beauty~ is a junk yard of old that is loaded with all kinds of glass which our family has rooted around in for all the years our folks have lived here.

And I've never noticed that old jalopy? Really? Just put me out to pasture.



Update: That old car is a '46 Chevy Fleetline. Friend Kacey figured it out.

Thank you!

Go here to see a Fleetline in all its glory.


  1. love it! glad you noticed and shared it... any mushrooms in the shade around it???

  2. It looks like it is growing out of the belongs there.

  3. Maybe it blended into the background? Its got a nice patina of camouflage on it ..

  4. I am about that observant, too....don't want to admit it though to everyone.

  5. should plant some stuff on and in it!

  6. It looks like it's well grounded.

  7. So you're back here in Missourahhh visiting your folks? How big is the difference in the weather in Connecticut & here? heheheee

    Are you sure it's actually been there that whole time? Maybe someone just put there sometime in the last few years?

    I wish I knew how to do HDR... ones that do will often take pics like this & really fancy them up... they look so cool! =)


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