Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear L1 Community Garden Plot Keeper...

What's wrong with this picture?? by annbumbly

You are in BIG trouble!

Love, the M8 Community Garden Plot Keeper


Yesterday afternoon I walked around our Community Garden to see how other plots were doing. Imagine my surprise to come upon L1's plot and see a rabbit just hanging out...inside L1's fenced-in plot! When I got closer, bunny started charging randomly into the "fence" and quickly found a hole to go through. I followed bunny who also quickly found a hole in the outer fence to go through. (flickr stream has all the glory - click on above photo to view). "Quickly found a hole" seems to be a theme here, and not a particularly good one. Possibly our community garden needs to address outer fence holes?? (I have to say, I've never seen a bunny quite the color of this one, and it turns out it had just 3 legs. Strange. Sorta felt bad about chasing it out of such a good food source.)

Last week, I chased a ground hog out of our "fenced in" community garden. Next week, what???

And just wait till I show you my bean plant carnage. Not pretty!


expect garden frustrations...damn rabbits!


  1. Oh boy, have I dealt with that problem before - rabbits, groundhogs, birds. Wish I could put an electric fence around my garden and "nuke em!"

  2. something is digging my garden too but have not caught it damage to the crops, just digging hole.....I think it is a cat as I found remnants of Robin's egg...

  3. Rabbits seem to approach a garden with the assumption that there's gotta be a whole in the fence somewhere, and they're determined to keep looking until they find it.


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