Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's Planted! (6/3/11)

First Community Garden Photo: 6/3/11 by annbumbly

My garden plot for the 2011 growing year! Late though it was started - first because of bad weather, then just me - up and planted it is! The closest part of the bed is dedicated to tomatoes...and two types of varieties of the allium (read onion/garlic) family. I haven't a clue in the world when to harvest either of them. I planted them late last summer/early fall. Parental units, Master Gardener! 

Further part of the bed is dedicated to peppers, two types of beans, and, I had hoped, lettuce...but, we're having a heat wave the next week or so, so I'm thinking something else needs to go there. 

Snippy comment: As you can see, not EVERYone in our community garden has gotten their plots in order! Hmmm.....


expecting bountiful gardens for all!


  1. LOL. I am impressed. And before the 4th of July even.....

  2. I just managed to finish building my bean poles (out of tree limbs- very rustic) and just got the beans planted... luckily everything else was done already.

  3. so hot and dry here ours is dying
    :( we water daily but its not enough

  4. I think the allium gets pulled after the flowers die off ...

  5. That is quite an accomplishment. How about some cilantro so you can blend up some fresh salsa with cilantro, tomatoes and peppers. I could live off that in the summer.

    wv: liecrying. What my ppers are doing now, since it's way too hot and I've neglected to water them.

  6. Way to go! There's always so much that needs to be done during the spring and early summer.


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