Saturday, May 02, 2009

Day Late Sky Watch w/a Side of Fun

Better late than never,
Or so I've heard.
The leaves are sprouting!
Nurse Nancy's son, Jr. Fly Boy - I've decided to call him JFB - came home with me today. NN was off on her girl's weekend and it seemed like the most reasonable thing to do, all things considered, and the most fun for me. (And it was.)  Stella-dog and JFB had an exhausting time playing together. They chased each other all over the front and back yard - Stella finally collapsed and JFB melted into the couch. Then the Con-Man came over and the two of them had a blast as only 7-8 year olds can. They spent computer time together - and played games I don't care to understand. Next, their stomachs roared and it was time for PBJ's and grilled cheese sandwiches. All was consumed hastily, as only boys can do! Nothin' better than two kids together. Neatest thing of all? Those two boys acted as if they'd known each other forever! We adults should learn something from that!


expect good things!


  1. Cute! Oh, and I have way more foliage than that over here.

  2. You two.....such fun and friendship :-) Maybe you better watch those 2 boys and learn to get along :-) Great shots,Annie.

  3. I know the kids just start playing and it never matters that they ever met.

  4. I'm a boy Mom and have loved every minute of watching them all play!

    Strained my eyes trying to see a difference in those trees. You got finches, Mama has leaves. LOL LOL

  5. So now there's foilage wars? Yikes!

  6. Love the tree shot, and the boys. Same age as my Smedley, but I can tell just from the static photo that they'd run circles around her constantly. Difference between boys and girls. So cute.

  7. I heard that the boys had fun. Sounds like Stella had a blast too.

  8. Thanks for taking care of my JFB and making my other boy's life a bit easier. He could not have been in better hands.


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