Friday, May 29, 2009

SWF & a Bit of Sushi

7:14 pm Thursday - totally overcast skies
leaves are just about completely filled in...
but late this year.



One of the very best lunches I've had..
First, salmon tartar - a disappointment only because
we were expected to pick it up with chopsticks...
would have been better and easier on a sesame cracker.

Second, a phenomenal spicy tuna roll, totally thrown over the top of excellence by a drizzling of red raspberry sauce with a sprinkling of toasted almond slices on top. Somebody certainly knows what they're doing!

Thank you, Daryl for our introduction to the superb Momoya - what a wonderful food experience (and good times with friends new and old)! Ohhh! The lunch we all had! Excellent!!


expect anything!



  1. Sushi and skies, what a great combo!

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  2. Pretty soon there will be no sky to see thru those trees!
    Now I want some sushi!

  3. great sky...not so sure abotu the looks ok just not my cuppa.... glad you loved it though :)

  4. Makes me want to try sushi and that is saying something for me.

  5. Oh that was so yummy .. and I was told its not called Mo mo ya ... LOL .. its called Mo moy a ... my Japanese pronunciation skills need help ..

    And your bower is looking very heady!

  6. I'm so hungry now ... *drools*

  7. Love how the tree has filled in... Still waiting for mine to leaf.

    I want to like sushi, but just don't... I does look good though!

  8. you can have my part too! :)

  9. So jealous that you all got to get together! I'm still hoping we get to meet and maybe do some antiquing this summer!

  10. I feel hungry again, even though I just ate.

  11. I think you are going to run out of sky soon :-)

  12. Oh... drool!! This is just way too unfair. When I moved to this beautiful area... I loved everything about it, the mountains, the trees, the wildlife, fresh air, rivers but when I found out there was no place to buy sushi, my heart sunk... I have to travel several miles to get some and that's not something I would do... oh well, can't have it all, I suppose!


  13. Yes yum and a neat shot through the trees.

  14. This is a wonderful blog.... I love sushi too! Please stop by my blog sometime!


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