Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stairs (& my P.I.F. - at last!)


Yes, I know any native New Orleans person would be appalled
at the above N'awlins spelling and pronunciation!


An embarrassing amount of months ago, I was chosen as one of AsthmaGirl's (aka the lovely Diane) recipients of her pay-it-forward post. She sent me a lovely sour-dough starter, the beginnings of which is many years old. More recently I got (by subterfuge, I must admit, but how that subterfuge was done, I'll never tell) a wonderful pay-it-forward from Ms. Daryl! She sent me a lovely and much loved vintage Vera Bradley bag she had received from a very dear friend who has since passed on, and a totum key chain, which, if I understand this correctly, any time I have it on me and eat, no calories actually are consumed by me - and that I like a LOT, (if I'm wrong about this explanation, please do not tell me!).

And now it is my turn to Pay-It-Forward.

Anyone who'd like to participate, just leave a comment here. Eventually I'll throw the few or many names into a hat and let MPM choose 2 or 3 to Pay-it-Forward to! I have in mind what I'm sending the winners (appropriate even if you're a guy), and all you have to do is promise to, well, Pay-it-Forward! If you want to take part in this, but have already participated in P-I-F or don't have a blog, just make a donation to your local food kitchen instead if you win. That'll make nice. Hmmmm....matter of fact, in honor of this, I think I'll make a donation to our food kitchen! Any excuse to do that is lovely, and P-I-F seems a better excuse than most. (And if you want to play along but don't want a physical present, I'll make a donation to our food kitchen in your name.)

So, my friends, there you have it!


a lovely evening to all!!


  1. Is your sour-dough starter still alive? I'd love a bit of it.

    BTW: There is a 150+ year old starter that has been distributed for free via the internet for *years*. It is quite good, though distinctly different from your typical sourdough starter.

    Incredible story.

  2. that pic makes me dizzy!!!! its amazing... i have a high school friend on facebook who now lives in hong kong and hes been posting pics of there ( i like to think just for me LOL) and i am astounded at the sizes of the buildings and crush of humanity...and yes pick me I LOVE PIF's

  3. Cool picture of the stairs.

    I'll bite for PIF.

  4. Love that shot. Do NOT allow me to pick me.

  5. Amazing perspective in this photo, Annie. I am very glad I don't have to climb any of those stairs.

  6. I love that photo as it almost plays tricks on the eye...or is it the brain. Something about the angles of the stairs that I love. Trellises, arbors, you get the drift.
    I agree with Pat...I don't want to have to climb them!

  7. LOVE that shot .. do not pick me .. and I am so happy you love Raymond's bag .. a bigger more loving Queen there never was .. and he was very proud to be one and carry that bag ... I know he would approve of your owning it now ... and that keyring really works ..

    Make a donation to the food bank for me and then I will send you a check OR you can send me the address and I will send them a check .. which ever works best ..xoxooxoxox

  8. love the beautiful.

  9. Where are those stairs going? I love that snap! About the PIF? The food bank is the way to go even though I really do enjoy unloading my stuff on other folks! I'm gonna make a donation to my local food bank in your name. How you like me now?

  10. I remember that place~ and I LOVE your photo of it!!

    I will play and if I win, I would like to do the donation.

  11. I love that stair shot!

    I'm already particpating in a PIF, so I'll donate to my local food bank! Such a great idea.


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