Saturday, May 23, 2009

Uh Oh....

Good thing: Walking into the kitchen at exactly the right moment. 

Bad thing: Leaving the dish towel on top of the skillet's lid. That's on the lit gas stove. 


(Sadly, a dish towel died in the making of last night's meal.)
(Sadly, it was my favorite.)
(Happily, said towel was the only casuality.)

OK, people, do you kinda see a trumpeting elephant in that first 
photo,and a more contrite one in this second photo? 
Good! I thought so! Me too!


expect anything!

The above happened last evening. 

Now on to more important things! Today at 9:45am, MPM and I are driving into NYC to meet Daryl and Kate for lunch. Can't wait - what fun we'll have! Plus, we're bringing Daryl dirt. For her window box. We're nice like that.

And one last important thing, I got my ~pay it forward~ box from Daryl today. A lovely tote passed on from a dear departed friend of hers that I am TOTALLY HONORED to have recieved, plus a wonderful funky hand-made key ring. Not sure how I'll pay-it-forward, but I will, oh yes I well. Actually this is the second time I've been the chosen recipient of ~pay if forward~. The first time Diane (AsthmaGirl) PIF and sent me a sourdough starter. I never PIF for that one and I feel very very baaaaad!  So I guess I'm just gonna have to come up with sumpin wunnerful!  Twice over! Pooh!


  1. glad the towel was all that burned... i love pay it forwards!
    hugsand yes I am so jealous that you 4 get to meet for lunch... again! sniffs... pouts... turkey lip is out!

  2. It's just after 6 am and I should be getting dressed. Can't wait!!

  3. You chickies have a fun time! Take me next time~plez! I'll be on the lookout for another towel like that. I'll PIF! Your garden in looking good! I planted a couple "butt heads" in mine!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. At least it died for a great cause! I have done that before and it wasn't pretty.

    Hope you all have a wonderful time! Can not wait to hear all about it!

  5. OY .. well I am glad it was just a towel even if it was your fav ... its 9:20 ... you'll be here soon and I am still in PJs with the first pot of coffee being made ... gotta fly

  6. Been there, done that; so glad I was there to catch it before a real fire started!

  7. Have fun, you lovely ladies...take loads of photos and can't wait to someday meet you all, too.

  8. oh no!!! but I'm so glad you all are safe - those towels can go up in a big hurry.

  9. Once again, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Not that I'm feeling left out or anything.

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Hi to Daryl and Kate.

  10. Glad to hear that the carnage was no worse than a dish towel...

    Have fun in the city! Once again, I'm soooo jealous...

  11. Oh, dear....glad it was only the towel. Have fun at your lunch.

  12. Ann: I'm so happy you got back in time.

  13. If I turn my head sideways I can totally see the elephant! Glad that was the only thing that caught fire.


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