Monday, December 07, 2009

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

"December 7, 1941"
"A date which will live in Infamy...No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory."

Sending a heart-felt THANK YOU to each and
every United States of America veteran.

Your service is greatly appreciated and
certainly not ever taken for granted.
Thank you.


on another note...

I'm being spammed each and every day on one particular post. I see that there are posters that enable comment blocking just for certain posts. I have no clue how to do that, so for the time being, I'm going to enable word verification. Hate to do it, but am quite tired of the spam. Been happening for far too too long.


blessings to all!


  1. understand the word verification... I thought about D day yesterday but in light of how the day went that was all I was able to do.

  2. oh and... word verification is NOT on.

  3. OOPS! Forgot to click the "save settings" button! Thanks for the heads-up, Laura.

  4. Thank goodness for our freedom. What a wonderful generation!

  5. I hate spam. Unless it's in a can and I'm camping and I'm so hungry I could eat the can.
    Beautiful post, Annie.

  6. Sorry bout those stupid spammers, but that's a beautiful shot for such a day!

  7. Remembering indeed! Sorry about your spammers. They are a breed beyond my comprehension. Have at it with the WV!!!

  8. Lovely post Annie! Remembering and honoring here too.

    ps-spammers galore here too.


  9. Hi--I saw your comment at fatfreevegan. I tried her recipe tonight using the gluten free spiral pasta by Tinkyada (this brand is the best--doesn't get soggy). It came out great. I did use Kale instead of swiss chard and I did use regular mushrooms. Those were the only substitutions I made. Even my hubby liked it and he is much more fussy than I!

  10. Go to your Dashboard, click on Settings, click on the Comments tab and scroll down to Comment Moderation. There you will have the option to select "Only on posts older than --- days" I set mine to 14 days because it's usually the older posts which are getting spammed (with the rare exception).

    Make sure you have an email address filled in below that and Blogger will send you an alert whenever someone comments on a post older than 14 days - or fewer if you prefer. You can then publish (if it's a legitimate comment) or reject it right from your email notification.

    If one particular old post is constantly being spammed, which I get from time to time, you can go to the Edit Posts tab (from Dashboard), find that particular post, edit it to not allow comments.

  11. I am just starting to get some spam, most of it is an asian launguage of some sort. I follow the links and they lead to nothing, so I delete the comments because I can't read them. I haven't looked at my older posts in awhile so I guess I will check them out. Good info there from Hilary.

  12. I was getting some stuff that was spam, but farther back in my blog...and didn't seem to bad. Then I started getting it on my more recent posts and nasty stuff so I moderated my comments for a I was sick and not posting for a while and that seemed to put a stop to it.


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