Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Light

Well, it's turned out to be pretty much an awful month of December for a lot of the good folks I know and love. Deaths, major illnesses, loss of jobs, major operations, you name it, it's happened this past month.

I cannot tell you how very much I'm looking
forward to this month - and year - ending.
Hope springs eternal for 2010.

Ok! I'm now done being morose and am off to find
~my happy place~.


expecting only goodnesss for the people she
loves this coming 2010!


  1. here's to a healthy and very prosperous new year.
    thankful i made it through 2009 with few hiccups.

  2. I agree - 2009 has been a rough time. I hope you have a better and happier 2010.

  3. Beautiful shot, m'dear. And 2010 is gonna be awesome!

  4. I have to agree - while 2009 had some really good times for us, it's had some really bad times too. Here's to a wonderful 2010 for all.

    By the way, how's GB doing?

  5. Here's to better times. I know they're coming.

    My WV: subsea. Ahm washin' mah baybee in vewwy subsea woodah.

  6. that's what I'm talking about, Annie...a wonderous 2010

  7. Here's to a new year! Happy 2010!

  8. For sure 2010 is going to be good. All good.

    Can you send me a map to the Happy Place? Or do I just need to go pour a glass of wine?

  9. Yes, Annie, 2010 will be better and just think...in January, maybe we'll have something to watch on TV!!

  10. What a beautiful shot, Annie! I do so understand where you are coming from and I'm definitely ready to say goodbye to 2009! Not that my year has been been as bad as it has been for some, it's still had it's crappy moments and I'm ready to move on. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a new day!


  11. Well from the post above I can see it has been a tough month for you and others! I am so sorry! How tragic to have survived Irag only to die in a car crash! This kind of thing just makes me want to weep. I pray the New Year brings some joy and comfort to you and to his family also.

  12. I pray that your new year starts on a better note and continues that way.


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