Monday, December 21, 2009

View from the 7th Floor

Our view for two days.
The Care? Beyond the norm.
Norwalk Hospital.


My GB had cervical spine surgery last week. It was a long and arduous road getting to the point where we knew only surgery was the answer, but we got there! And it was a good thing we did. Not much longer and a wheelchair would have been GB's future. I am so very thankful for everyone and everything that got my GB to where he is today. He's certainly not back in tip-top shape, but headed in that direction.
Let's see....tho GB had been to many doctors and had had many MRI's, EMG's and other tests, no one ever caught on to what was really going on. It was only after GB was sent to physical therapy that someone finally started getting to the bottom of what was truly happening to him. After GB's second session, his physical therapist, Vlad (thank you, you wonderful man!) said to GB - "You need to see a neurologist." I asked GB what that meant, and his reply was Vlad said something weird was happening to his right hand. Of course, I had to call Vlad and ask him what the hell he meant by that. He told me that what he was seeing in GB's hand was stroke-like behavior, though he wasn't saying it was a stroke. Um...that scared the hell out of me.
After a lot lot lot more BS, GB was finally sent to a Neurologist (Daryl Singer - can't sing his praises loud enough - he's the best!). And after some tests he did, he immediately sent us to a Neurosurgeon (Javed Shahid - a total and complete life-saver).
Bottom line, my GB won't require a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He might not ever be 100%, but, by golly, he'll have quality, and a good chance his golf game will get back to a single digit handicap.
May that be the only handicap he ever has.

Tho they'll never see this,
Blessings to Vlad, Singer & Shahid
My GB has a mobile future because of the 3 of you...


thankfulness abounds


  1. Beautiful news. I'm so happy for you and yours. What a relief that must be for you.

  2. Thank goodness for Vlad's attentiveness and ability to pick up what others overlooked.

    This is a happy ending to a story which no doubt has worn you and your family out. Hopefully you can kick back and enjoy the holidays.

  3. Fabulous news.

    Interestingly and I am not kidding .. Singer is my maiden name .. honest

  4. That is such good news! Here's to a complete and speedy recovery!

  5. what a wonderful christmas present to you and your GB. miracles can happen everyday.

    sending many warm thoughts and prayers for the speedy recovery.

  6. I'm so glad that the surgery went well! Neurologists are definitly the ticket for anything having to do with the spine. And physical therapists are wonderful people! I had a disc rupture once and the physical therapist was a wonder for getting rid of my "foot drop" and bringing life back to my toes on that foot. Most people wait too long on these things and can end up with permanant nerve damage. I'm glad that you got GB in soon enough to have success.

  7. Wonderful news!! Isn't it amazing how much more attentive the physical therapists and nurses are to the little nuances??

    Here's wishing you and the family a very Merry Christmas! You all have a lot to celebrate:)

  8. I can breathe again! I was waiting - holding my breath - and now this. With a smile!


  9. Great news!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Annie.

  10. Thinking of you, my friend. How fortuitous that someone noticed it could be something neurological. And yes, it's total BS sometimes what you have to go through to get someone seen!
    My prayers are for you both.

  11. What great news!!! Smiles for you Annie and GB!!!
    And, prayers of thanksgiving for the knowledge of all those who mended GB.

  12. It's been a while since I've been around and commented, so I'm reading this post late...but...

    I am so glad that these people were put in the right place at the right time. I LOVE reading of a favorable medical outcome. I'm so happy for you, your GB, your family!

  13. How wonderful...too bad it took so long but so glad the answer was found!


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