Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two Love Stories...One Nissan & Then a Personal One

Several weeks ago are you kidding me, months ago - it's been at least since last December, a person in my life who will forever remain nameless, backed out of our garage and completely demolished the driver side ~non-collapsible~ (pooh!) mirror on my nearly brand-new Nissan Altima. Said person tried to order a new mirror, but ultimately failed. I sat by, bided my time...and finally decided enough was enough already!
I went to my very best www friend in the whole wide world - that would be google - and bought myself a mirror for exactly $52.34.
Now my only obstacle was having it installed. Thought I could do it myself until I talked to a colleague who told me he'd googled directions, tried to follow them and ultimately ruined his car door trying to install his mirror. That scared me. A LOT!
Again, I turned to my best www friend and was directed to the Nissan Club Forum. There was a post claiming Nissan had made the installment of mirrors a breeze that anyone could do! Hard to believe.

I posed my question:
Hi all - I read here that all you have to do is "pop off" the little panel on the inside of the driver door and the innards of the driver rear-view mirror is easily handy to replace the mirror. Is this true? And if so, in what way do I "pop off" the black piece without breaking it? IF this is true, CONGRATS to Nissan for making an easy fix!

I got my answer:
"Welcome to the club. Yup, it's really that simple. The black panel is held by one push-in-the-hole clip and 2 tabs on the bottom. If you pull the top of the triangle out, it'll pull the clip out and then the bottom will feed out as you yank. It's always scary the first time because you don't want to break anything... "

(And they were oh so very correct - look at that beauteous new mirror on the right!)

The before story...

Stella is so disgusted with the damage done to the mirror -
she can't even look at it!

Stella has now turned away in total disgust.

The story continued yesterday:

Look! I've followed instructions and was able to easily remove the panel without a screwdriver or pliers in sight! Whoa...this is easy. YOU GO NISSAN so far.

Here's the panel they said would easily come off and then go back on without much chance of breaking. Dang! They were not lying! I think I'm beginning to love my car!

The tools required for the fix.
Don't ask me what I did with any one of them. can any human being live without a socket wrench set?
And how can socket sets be so cheap?

Voila! The mirror!
Completely installed by moi!
Nissan, you have made something consumer impossible, possible!
That is just wonderful!
They're making simple repairs just that...simple!
*OK, just because I'm able to install a mirror on my Nissan,
everyone should buy a Nissan??

Uh oh...ummmm...let's see.....something's missing...
Possibly that might be the red cover that was
"safely stored away" in a place that wouldn't be forgotten by moi?
O dear...Where in God's name did I put it??

That just isn't a good look!


expect anything!

A BIG April Fool's Day P.S. to my beloved hubby: Happy Anniversary! 32! How the hell did we do that??? It seems like just yesterday we were prancing down the aisle! Guess what, GB? I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! xoxoyourabb


  1. Have Mercy! I am going to miss that taped up blob you had going there....And Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! May the next 32 years be as wonderful.

  3. Oh happy anniversary .. and I am so proud of you, I know now who to call if I ever need help fixin' anything!

    And while I am not around the corner, dont be sad about MPM's move, you can always come visit me....

  4. Great job! And Happy Anniversary!

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Your mirror and your marriage skills are truly remarkable.

    wv: manist. Someone who completely understands the male of the species. It takes a long time to become a manist.

  6. You are scaring me. Directions? Possible ruination? I would not have attempted this. Bowing to your greater fortitude and smartitude.

    And happy anniversary!

  7. Too hilarious that you lost the red cover! But GREAT JOB fixing it yourself! I'm impressed!

  8. Oh my, you are much braver than me, I've been driving around with a taped up mirror since forever (it's hardly worth repairing, I clip it on a regular basis)! Many congratulations to you and your hubby, now that is what I call real romanance (smile)!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!

    I'm SO impressed with your mad mechanic skillz:)

  10. Happy Anniversary and I'm impressed with the auto repair :-)


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