Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Me & My Shadow

I decided to take an exerciserly walk around our block last weekend. I know, I know, unusual for me, and not something that's -yet- become a habit. (O Please! You all can stop your cackling now!)
Got half-way up our cul-de-sac and felt a ~presence~ behind me that, according to my well-tuned sixth sense, was staring me down. It was Stella. Who had raced right through her invisible electric fence. Without so much as a single yelp. Darn. Battery's dead.
Back home we went, with much coercing to get her back on the "right" side of said fence, though nothing was felt leaving. I decided, what the heck, if I'm going to take an exerciserly walk, then Stella would go with me. On a leash. Stella does not like leashes. My normally well-behaved dog is really not when on a leash. Plus, I think it depresses her. Just look at how she's hanging her head!

Not to worry! Stella and I had just turned the corner on the next street down from us when up drove cousin Jules! She rolled down the window and told us to get in as it was the day before Easter and we had no business walking when there was food shopping to do! (She also told me she'd called my house and cussed me out for still sleeping - but obviously I wasn't - hmph!) Must say Stella was absolutely thrilled to get into the car and go back home. Me, not so much. I was so enjoying my exerciserly walk! I wanted it to continue forever. Yup, and there's ice cubes growing on trees in Death Valley.

Stella has not followed me out of the yard since. That could be because I haven't gone on an exerciserly walk since. Just sayin'. That's because I changed the battery in her collar.

The End.



expect anything!

P. S. I see that we need new paving on our road! What a mess!


  1. I feel for Stella....Hope does not like her leash either. Keep up the good work with the walks...remember it is the thought that counts.

  2. Oh poor Stella ..

    Our street looks like the snow plows were back hoes that ripped open the blacktop ... its ugly and a person could trip and get hurt

    WV rototo ... what Stella would say to Dorothy's pup: roToto!

  3. So funny - so much like life.

    I'm off for a walk. hehehehehe

  4. This entire post is just all kinds of funny. I'm just sayin'. And I have batteries for you!

  5. Hang in there Stella, you are well on your way to wearing them down until they give in to your wishes.

  6. I've heard those invisible fences don't work, the dog runs through, gets a little zap, but by the time they are through the zap stops...and life is good- they are FREEEEE! You could always get an ATV to "walk" your dog- that is what we do with a couple of ours- but we have 6 dogs- BIG ONES- so I don't walk ALL of them but they all need exercise- so some of them get run with the ATV! ;-)
    At least it was sunny when you took your walk...that's the best time to walk!
    Springtime greetings from Norway :-)

  7. Isn't it great to have our dogs to keep us in check -- you know, like exercising, walking, doing all that dumb healthy stuff!! I know about those ice cubes on trees in Death Valley, too!


  8. i love a good walk, especially in the woods...or to the couch. lol. thanks for stopping over today! smiles.

  9. So funny. and Brian's comment is just the icing on the cake :-)

  10. with all the snow and rain our street is in pretty bad shape too

    Stella is beautiful, I'd never want to walk without her :)

    thanks for stopping by my dancer post

  11. Just so you know, "hmmph" is one of my favorite words, and I'm so pleased to see it used appropriately. People even say hmmph for me when they know I want to say it but don't because I"m trying to be nice or whatever.

    Next, exerciserly walking is my new favorite form of exercise. I may ask you to do a demo at Blog Fest this year. Exerciserly involves wine, doesn't it?

  12. Can I borrow Stella? She might make my walks more exerciserly (great word!)

  13. Ever consider that Stella was willing to take the jolt to the neck to be with her mommy?

  14. I think that is Stella's "wolf" personna following beside her.


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