Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Flings

Do you ever have periods in your life that you feel
Scattered to the wind? I do.
Not that anything is particularly wrong...
Just nothing is particularly right.

Scattered to the wind. That's what I am.


expecting NO sympathy, just a forum to vent a bit!
there! i'm done and feel much better now!
thank you!


  1. I always have days when it all piles up before it scatters! I can't tell which today is.

  2. I believe what you need is a bridge game.

  3. The answer is yes, and the good news it will pass. The bad news is it will return.

    To help stave this funk off, I suggest:

    a) lots of time outdoors in the sunshine
    b) walking
    c) a vacation
    d) wine
    e) all of the above - let's book a pre-Blog fest trip to the Caribbean!

  4. sending hugs and warm thoughts

  5. I'm there too. I could give you a zillion reasons, but none of them are really valid.

    Maybe Spring fever....ish

  6. Yes I do. And it's much more frustrating than having identified problems. Good thing is that it disappears as suddenly as it came.

  7. Let's book a pre-blogfest visit to CT. How does that sound, my friend?

  8. So know the feeling! At the end of this little vacation, I especially feel it. Everyone wants something....

  9. Must be tax time:)
    ps the word verification is annoying!


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